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Football teaches us this: when a great team like the National one is in difficulty, the support of the fans makes the difference. At the moment, there is an entire nation in difficulty and it is our turn to take to the field and give support with concrete actions, putting our hearts into it.

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Support who always supported us

We, players of the Italian National football team, have always been supported by our fans.
Now we are in charge of cheering for the whole of Italy in the match against Covid-19. A challenge where everybody can
take the field, putting their heart and helping those who have been most affected.

Together with Italian Red Cross and Banco Alimentare

Help us support
those who never give up

It doesn’t matter how big or small your donation is. In this moment of emergency, even the tiniest action can lead to an enormous result if we all join together, do our part and never stop fighting this incredible challenge with courage.

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Worldwide projects

The fundraising promoted by the Laps Foundation also arrives in
Spain and Portugal! The goal is is to support also in other Countries
the people most affected by the economic crisis related to Covid-19.

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