Introducing the Foundation

LAPS Foundation (TIN: 97804180012), established by means of a notarized document on 23 February 2016, was recognized as a legal entity by Prefecture of Turin decision No. 2016-003210 and as a Non-Profit Organization of Social Value by Italian Revenue Agency – Piedmont Regional Direction decision No. 0074198 of 24 November 2016.
The Founder and President of the Foundation is entrepreneur Lapo Elkann. He is supported in his work by a Board of Directors consisting of prominent representatives for the Italian entrepreneurial, social, cultural, and scientific fields.


The Foundation's vision is rooted in the idea that Society and human relationships can only produce a continuous improvement in individual and global well-being when they are based on creativity, mutual respect, and solidarity. Combating all situations of “educational poverty”, which prevent individuals from developing an empathetic, resilient, and supportive personality based on respect towards themselves and others, is therefore a basic precondition for a democratic, creative, innovative, and supportive Society.
In the belief that Children and Young People are Humanity’s most valuable Asset and the most important resource for a better Future, it follows from the above that special emphasis should be placed on Children and their Education, as well as on the removal of any barriers to their harmonious and balanced growth.


In line with the Foundation’s vision, its actions aim to support Children and combat situations and/or environments of educational poverty, prioritizing projects in favor of children with special educational needs (disabilities, learning-specific disorders, addiction, social deviance, protection from abuse and maltreatment, social and economic fragility, etc.).
It follows from the above that the Foundation considers Schools – and more generally the Educating Community – as a privileged yet non-exclusive partner for the development of its projects.

Around 6,000 children benefited from projects developed by the Foundation.
Around 600 teachers were trained directly through activities carried out by the Foundation.

Years 2017-2019 in figures


Children benefited


Teachers were trained