Let's defend Locri Hospital

Sanitizing gel for those who have operated in this pandemic

We must continue to be cautious and prevent contagion situations from Covid19 even in the summer. Personal protection devices are of primary importance for the containment of the epidemic and for this reason the LAPS Foundation, in collaboration with Delfin Commerciale, have decided to donate bottles of hand sanitizing gel to the Committee "Let's defend the hospital of Locri".


Delfin Commerciale


Locri Hospital

Locri Hospital
Locri Hospital

The LAPS Foundation, strongly desired by its president Lapo Elkann, deals with carrying out activities and programs for the enhancement of the resources of the Italian territory, the care and well-being of minors and weak subjects. For these reasons, thanks also to the commitment of Vice-President Alberto Carabetta, from Calabria who has been living in the capital for years for professional reasons, this donation wants to represent a gesture of closeness for all healthcare personnel and for those who work for the defense of hospital facilities. Reasons fully shared by the owner of Delfin Commerciale, Daniele Siclari, also from Calabria, who has chosen to actively contribute to this initiative.

At the basis of this and of all the activities promoted by the LAPS Foundation is the social commitment to remove the conditions of poverty and guarantee of services for the weakest who prevent the development of the potential of fragile subjects. For this reason, projects have already been launched to help Calabria cope with social emergencies such as the donation of masks to some Provincial Health Authorities.

“In our various professions we are today called to an extraordinary commitment, full of responsibility, which must strive, through the solidarity of all of us, to strengthen the cohesion that this difficult moment has taught us. More joint forces, conveyed towards a common goal, must necessarily lead to its realization"

— Lapo Elkann