The President of LAPS Foundation is entrepreneur Lapo Elkann, who decided to establish the Foundation in the belief that every individual has a duty to “give back” to Society and to our fellow human beings, and that we all have to “play our part” in this regard.

Il Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of prominent representatives for the Italian entrepreneurial, social, cultural, and scientific fields.
The Board of Directors has the primary task to approve the three-year and one-year guidelines for the Foundation's projects, the development of individual projects, any agreements/contracts/conventions, and the budget.


The Secretary-General sets the guidelines for the Board of Directors and oversees each and every operational area.

Monitoring Bodies

LAPS Foundation implemented the organizational and management model provided for under Legislative Decree No. 231/2001, aiming to ensure a sound management of activities and prevent different crimes. Therefore, a Supervisory Body was appointed to constantly monitor compliance with the provisions of the Foundation's Articles of Association and By-laws, Code of Ethics, Organization Regulation, as well as the aforementioned organizational model.