How to help us

To become a volunteer

People are the most important resource of any organization, and this is especially true for Non-Profit Organizations. Therefore, the Foundation considers the work of volunteers as a key resource.
If you want to become a volunteer for the Foundation, send an email to Your application should comprise a letter stating your readiness, willingness, and availability to carry out voluntary work and your Resume including a GDPR compliance statement. The Foundation will reach out to you in case new activities and projects are launched that are in line with your profile.

To make a donation

To make a donation in support of LAPS Foundation and its projects, as a donor (individual, company, or any kind of Institution) you can:

  • Use PayPal.
  • Use Tinaba, entering the project number.
  • Make a transfer to the following IBAN: IT47T0304801000000000091981.
  • Choose the Foundation as the recipient of your 5x1000 donation when filing your individual income tax statement, also specifying the Foundation’s Tax Identification Number: 97804180012. Please note that you can still donate your 5x1000 even if you are under no obligation to file an individual income tax statement. To do so, submit the 5x1000 supplementary form – included in the form attached to the Single Certification or the Individual Income Tax Statement – in a sealed envelope to a bank or post office. Please make sure to write “scelta per la destinazione del 5x1000 dell'IRPEF” (Choice for the 5x1000 Individual Income Tax donation) on your envelope, together with your name, surname and Tax Identification Number.
  • Make a provision for the Foundation in your estate plan, thereby deciding now to help many children in the future. Please note that testamentary dispositions may be canceled at all times and may not affect the legitimate rights of the spouse and/or next of kin.
  • Make a donation of real estate assets and/or securities (shares, bonds, treasuries, etc.), thereby making sure that these assets and any capital revenue will be used to support the Foundation’s projects.
  • A receipt will be issued for each cash donation (referred to points 1 and 2), which may be used to take advantage of tax benefits applicable to donors under current regulations. To this end, please note that LAPS Foundation (TIN: 97804180012) was established by means of a notarized document on 23 February 2016, was registered under No. 921 in the Legal Entity Register of the Prefecture of Turin on 7 November 2016, and was registered in the Non-Profit Organization of Social Value Register by Italian Revenue Agency – Piedmont Regional Direction decision No. 0074198 of 24 November 2016.