Never Give Up

Together we can help the Italian Red Cross to give concrete help to the most needy families.

Never Give Up. This is the message conceived by the LAPS Foundation, a charity organization founded by Lapo Elkann, which aims to support the most prestigious institution of the Third Sector, the Italian Red Cross, committed these days throughout Italy to support the most vulnerable in the difficult Covid-19 health emergency.





In this period of emergency it is essential to be promoters of concrete actions to support those who, more than anyone else, are suffering from unprecedented economic and social unease. For this reason Lapo Elkann has put his creative spirit, his passion, his generosity and his work team at the service of the people in greatest difficulty by promoting a fundraising campaign.

The design idea was immediately accepted and supported by exponents of the world of sport, music, arts and culture who want, in various ways, to underline their closeness to Italy, so intensely proven by aggressiveness and unpredictability of the present moment.

The friends who joined this solidarity campaign are: Gianluigi Buffon, Alessandro Del Piero, Fedez, Valeria Golino, Papu Gomez, Charles Leclerc, Giovanni Malagó, Paolo Maldini, Federica Pellegrini, Cristiano Ronaldo, Giuliano Sangiorgi, Giovanni Soldini, Bebe Vio, Alessandro Zanardi and Javier Zanetti.

The fundraising, which can be participated from 10 April by making a donation, even minimal, on this site and on provides, in particular, that the proceeds are donated to the Italian Red Cross for the distribution of meal vouchers to families most in need and assistance to fragile or financially distressed people.

“I felt the need to take the field to help and support those who, in the current context characterized by a gravity that has touched unimaginable levels, suffer from heavy economic hardship and social. I was born in the privilege and today I cannot avoid trying to alleviate, even in my own small way, the many sufferings that in their different profile of exponentiality are gripping our country right now. I am very happy, honored and proud, among other things, of the fact that many wanted to testify their solidarity with the people most exposed to the risk of poverty by joining me with enthusiasm in this fundraising campaign, friends whom I thank for true heart ”.

— Lapo Elkann, President of the LAPS Foundation and founder of Independent Ideas

We would like to thank the protagonists who, by lending their faces, have allowed the fundraising: Community (Communication & Project Management), Getty Images (Visual Media agency), Independent Ideas (Creative Agency), Tinaba | Banca Profilo (Technical Partner), Publicis Groupe Italia (Creative, Media and Production), Pink Salt (AR Design & Development) and all those who have lent their work for free in support of the charity project.

In support of fundraising, a communication campaign was planned in the main Italian media. In addition, the project will have further development on Instagram thanks to a filter dedicated to the #beyondthemask operation that will allow everyone to participate in the initiative, personalizing their selfie with the flag of their country.

"In this difficult time for the world it is important to be united and support each other. We do everything possible to help! Never Give up!”.

— Thanks to Cristiano Ronaldo, who first participated in the project together with Lapo Elkann