Nunca Desistir

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A communication campaign was planned in support of fundraising efforts.

The message was reinforced by the use of masks, which we now wear to protect ourselves from the virus. Through the campaign, masks have become a symbol of commitment to helping others during this dreadful time.

The campaign has involved 16 great national and international celebrities such as Ronaldo, Buffon, Leclerc, Del Piero and Fedez, and was also launched in Portugal.


€ 700,000


150 tons

Launched concurrently with the Italian campaign, #NuncaDesistir aims to raise funds for the Portuguese Red Cross by also involving great sports and entertainment celebrities.

Donations in Portugal can be made on the landing page, or through call center, MBway, etc. So far the campaign has raised a total of € 800,000 and collected 150 tons of food to help the Italian and Portuguese Red Cross, as well as Banco Alimentar / Rede de Emergência Medica.

Sports and entertainment celebrities engage in a fundraising campaign in support of the Portuguese Red Cross

— Nunca Desistir