Taste of Drive

A charity car tour that aims to bring attention back to the true essence of Italy, made up of art, engines, places, food and people.

The tour, in which 9 modern supercars will take part, winds between Piedmont and Liguria. The departure is set for Saturday 5 September at 12.30 from Garessio, the birthplace of the world-famous designer Giorgetto Giugiaro. After about an hour of travel, the caravan will arrive in Alassio and will be escorted to the Bestoso pier for a spectacular line-up of the cars.


Lamborghini, Porsche, Dallara and Jaguar

Participants will have about an hour to enjoy the beauty of the place and admire their cars literally arranged in the middle of the sea, and then head to Torre del Mare and from there to Varazze for the final leg of the tour. Once they reach their destination, they will carry out an exclusive parade at walking pace on Lungomare Europa, allowing all passers-by and tourists to admire the moving cars.

The drivers of the cars will make the charitable donation which will be donated entirely to the LAPS Onlus association.

"Once again we involved the local realities who immediately accepted the invitation of the organization which, with the patronage and coordination of the Municipality of Alassio, accepted the invitation to host the stage of the tour!" - Massimo Parodi, President of the Council with responsibility for the Events