The foundation

In addition to the Foundation’s Articles of Association and By-laws, the activities of the Foundation’s Bodies are also governed by its Code of Ethics, Organization Regulation, and the Organizational and Management Model provided for under Legislative Decree No. 231/2001.
These documents clarify the Foundation’s vision and mission, as well as its organizational and operational structure.

LAPS Foundation Organisation Chart


  • President: Lapo Elkann
  • Vice President: Joana Lemos
  • General manager: Lorenzo Landini
  • Foundation Ambassador in the World: Joana Mascarenhas De Lemos

Board of Directors

  • Lapo Elkann - President
  • Joana Lemos - Vice President
  • Giorgio Barba Navaretti
  • Marcantonio Brandolini d’Adda
  • Alain Elkann
  • Edoardo Ferrero de Gubernatis di Ventimiglia
  • Diane von Fürstenberg
  • Wayne Maser
  • Gilda Moratti
  • Tiziana Nasi
  • Andrea Stroppa
  • Marco Voena
  • Charles Georges-Picot

Evaluation office of the project activities

  • Lapo Elkann
  • Alain Elkann
  • Marco Rubino di Musebbi
  • Roberto Collura

Scientific Committee

  • Dottoressa Marilena Ruiu - psicologa

Co-ordination: Secretary-General Dr Roberto Collura


Collaboration Office of the President

  • Dott. Roberto Collura - Secretary-General

Collaboration Offices of the Secretary-General delegate of the President

  • Management Assistant - Angela Bonavita -
  • Head of fundraising - Giulia Mezzera -
  • Management Assistant - Angela Bonavita
  • Head of fundraising - Giulia Mezzera
  • Head of personal data protection - Roberto Collura
  • Head of website and cybersecurity - Mauro Allietta
  • Head of Administration Office /Accounting - Roberto Collura
  • Head of Prevention and Protection Service in compliance with the D.Lgs. 81/’08. Technical Safety Officer in application of D.M 569/’92 - Roberto Collura