W l'Italia insieme a Lapo

An invitation to spend time with the family, practicing a creative activity together.

An informative, playful and curious guide to Italy for the whole family. A coloring book to discover the beauties of Italy while having fun: from Leonardo to Ferrari, a trip to our country accompanied by an ambassador of the made in Italy: Lapo Elkann.


Maria Cristina Costa

Edited by

Valentina Rota

This book contains a journey to Italy: 23 original drawings illustrating the monuments, the beauties and the Italian excellences, and a playlist to listen to on Spotify during the metaphorical journey that reminds us how wonderful our country is. It is an invitation to turn off tablets and electronics, which too often they totally absorb the attention of young and old, to spend time with the family, practicing a creative activity together.

Riprendiamoci il futuro
Riprendiamoci il futuro
Riprendiamoci il futuro

The activity of coloring involves, in children as in adults, the areas of the brain that deal with emotions, reducing tension; but the most important result for children who are stimulated to develop this skill is the development of sight-movement coordination, which research indicates as an attitude that guarantees better results in reading, writing and calculating over time.

"In our various professions - said Lapo Elkann - we are today called to an extraordinary commitment, full of responsibility, which must strive, through the solidarity of all of us, to strengthen the cohesion that this difficult moment has taught us. More joint forces, conveyed towards a common goal, must necessarily lead to its realization"

— Lapo Elkann